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Latest Edition of OceaNews

Fall 2015,

New Members of Advisory Committee

Aramco Services and Weatherford International are the newest members of the OESI Advisory Committee. These new additions bring important perspectives and insight to our current and future discussions.

OESI Annual Report for 2015

The Ocean Energy Safety Institute is pleased to share our 2015 Annual Report with you. The report can be found

Reliability Database Inventory Report

As a result of the OESI Data Forum, and answering a query from BSEE; the OESI is pleased release our initial survey of Offshore Safety-related Databases. We look forward to your thoughts; as we work to both analyze these identified databases, as well as identify additional databases available globally that can help further enable safe and environmentally responsible offshore energy operations. Reliability Database Inventory Report.

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Focusing on Alarm Management for Safer Offshore Operations

A Forum for Dialogue - August 24, 2016


The intent of this Forum is to stimulate dialogue among the ocean energy stakeholders. We will take this opportunity to share and discuss Best Practices in the management of barriers for safe offshore operations.

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For more information contact Alanna Scheinermann at, 979-845-5981

Updated BAST Determination information now available at here

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