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Successful OESI/BSEE TAP Forum held

On 17 February, OESI hosted a public forum to review selected BSEE Technology Assessment Program projects. With close to 150 in attendance, the presenters received useful feedback from representatives of all stakeholder groups from the Ocean Energy realm.The public presentations can be found here.

Human Factors White Paper published!

OESI is proud to announce that we have published our initial research document, which focuses on Human Factors in the offshore. Dr Camille Peres (TAMU) and Dr Randolph Bias (UT-Austin) have finished their research white paper, “Human Factors and ergonomics in Offshore Drilling and Production: The Implications for Drilling Safety”. More info can be found here.

Zonal Isolation research paper ready!

OESI is pleased to announce our next research document, which focuses on Zonal Isolation. Dr Eric Van Oort (UT-Austin) and his team have finished their paper and are preparing it for SPE presentation in 2017. The paper, “Advanced Modeling of Cement Displacement Complexities”, can be found here.

Successful BSEE BAST Technology Improvement Objective Forum Conducted

On 17 April, OESI hosted a public forum for BSEE in order to discuss the first two technology improvement objectives to enter the ‘BAST Determination Process. With attendees from across the stakeholder groups of the Ocean Energy industry, the need for solutions to ‘Early Kick Detection’ and ‘Methane Gas Detection’ were discussed.The presentations can be found here.

Best Practices for Real Time Monitoring Presented

On 17 April, Dr Eric van Oort, Co-PI for OESI, presented a ‘Best Practices for Real Time Monitoring of Offshore Well Construction’ overview. At the request of BSEE, OESI developed this document in order to stimulate discussion and progress toward fulfilling the requirement for real time monitoring from BSEE’s new well-control rule. Significant discussion from across the Ocean Energy industry provided excellent feedback to continue moving forward on this important topic.The presentations can be found here.

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2017 BSEE International Standards Workshop, hosted by OESI

Workshop Date: Friday, May 5, 2017

Time: 8AM-3PM, Registration begins at 7:30AM

Location: Lloyd’s Register Training Center

15740 Park Row Dr, Ste 500

Houston, TX 77084

About the workshop: BSEE's 2017 International Standards Workshop will be hosted by OESI at the Lloyd’s Register Training Center on May 5, 2017. The theme of the workshop is Integrity Management.

The workshop topics include:

1) Integrity management of pipelines and risers, and

2) Fatigue assessment and Life Extension of Facilities and Mooring Systems.

Agenda can be found here

Register here

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