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Dr. van Oort to receive SPE Drilling Award

One of the OESI Co-Principal Investigators, Dr. Eric van Oort, will receive the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) 2017 Drilling Engineering Award at the Society’s Annual Awards Banquet in October. Dr. van Oort joins a distinguished list of awardees that has recognized many of the Industry’s leaders in drilling engineering since 1984. Dr van Oort’s work with OESI has focused on his drilling engineering expertise in areas that include Zonal Isolation, Safe Drilling Practices, and Real-Time Monitoring Best Practices. He is the Lancaster Professor in Petroleum Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin.

First Joint HFES/OESI Forum for Dialogue a Success!

Ocean Energy stakeholders along with Human Factors and Ergonomic experts met together on June 14, to hear subject matter experts discuss research efforts in the area of Human Factors in Offshore Energy, Situation Awareness and the use of Ergonomics in Offshore Drilling Platforms. The one-day forum will be followed-up with a soon to be scheduled webinar with Dr Rhona Flin.

Successful OESI/BSEE TAP Forum held

On 17 February, OESI hosted a public forum to review selected BSEE Technology Assessment Program projects. With close to 150 in attendance, the presenters received useful feedback from representatives of all stakeholder groups from the Ocean Energy realm.The public presentations can be found here.

Human Factors White Paper published!

OESI is proud to announce that we have published our initial research document, which focuses on Human Factors in the offshore. Dr Camille Peres (TAMU) and Dr Randolph Bias (UT-Austin) have finished their research white paper, “Human Factors and ergonomics in Offshore Drilling and Production: The Implications for Drilling Safety”. More info can be found here.

Zonal Isolation research paper ready!

OESI is pleased to announce our next research document, which focuses on Zonal Isolation. Dr Eric Van Oort (UT-Austin) and his team have finished their paper and are preparing it for SPE presentation in 2017. The paper, “Advanced Modeling of Cement Displacement Complexities”, can be found here.

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Forum for Dialogue - Fastener Coatings for Subsea Critical Equipment

Date: October/November 2017

About the forum: The objective of this Forum is for The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) to present recent subsea critical equipment fastener failures and discuss the use of electroplated zinc coatings for subsea critical equipment fasteners in the oil and gas industry. The open discussion with industry will help gain a better understanding of the functional behavior of zinc electroplated coatings with paint and allow for consideration of alternative coatings that may enhance the corrosion performance of the fasteners used for subsea critical equipment.

This safety initiative will emphasize the following key disciplines: materials, alternate coatings, paint, corrosion performance, best practices, and integrity engineering. The forum will also provide the opportunity for the public and stakeholders to technically discuss and evaluate alternate fastener coatings (metallic and non-metallic), such as zinc flake, tin zinc, zinc nickel, polymer, and paint for subsea critical equipment. BSEE believes this initiative will help determine if alternate coating technologies can reduce or eliminate the likelihood of subsea critical equipment fastener failures due to hydrogen embrittlement during offshore oil and gas operations.

Further information coming soon.

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