Principal Investigator, Co-Principal Investigators, and Research Fellows

As Principal Investigator, Dr. M. Sam Mannan will serve as the executive and scientific lead for the OESI, bringing his extensive expertise in process safety and industry collaboration, as exemplified by the success of the MKOPSC. He has proved through the successful implementation and outcome of the programs of the MKOPSC that stakeholder partnerships between academia, government, and industry work to benefit the whole community. Dr. Mannan is very well respected amongst all stakeholders and has been asked to provide expertise and testimony (including the U.S. Congress, Dr. Mannan’s most recent testimony to the U.S. Congress was on June 27, 2013, at the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee). As mentioned above, the OESI will be led by an internal management team. At each meeting of the internal management team, progress of the core functions and research projects will be reviewed, along with budgets, timelines, challenges, and opportunities. Decisions regarding Institute direction, activities, and planning will be made by consensus. In the case where consensus cannot be reached, the principal investigator will make a final decision.
The co-PI’s from the three universities are also very well qualified and round out the earlier mentioned internal management team. The three co-PI’s for this project are Dr. Rashid Hasan (TAMU), Dr. Ramanan Krishnamoorti (UH), and Dr. Eric van Oort (UT-Austin). Each one of the co-PI’s represents unique backgrounds and experiences and forms the basis of a very successful internal management team. In addition to these stellar individuals leading the internal management team, we have assembled an unparalleled group of individuals with appropriate capabilities and experience. Biographical information of the PI and the co-PI’s can be found below

  • Dr. Sam Mannan
  • Dr. Rashid Hasan
  • Dr. Ramanan Krishnamoorti
  • Dr. Eric van Oort
  • As OESI continues to build out its research capabilities; our team has been joined by research fellows also.
    Biographical information on our OESI Research Fellows can be found below

  • Dr Camille Peres