Academic programs

In addition to the continuing education and training programs, the OESI will also strengthen and broaden the existing MS and PhD programs to prepare professionals with a solid fundamental base along with a strong practical understanding of safety-related issues in areas such as deep sea, high-pressure reservoirs, and Arctic operations. The MS and PhD programs will accept candidates from a broad background in engineering and geosciences.The programs will be structured on three criteria:

  • Several core courses essential to the background of the candidate.
  • Elective courses selected to provide specific knowledge regarding offshore safety issues.
  • A project (for non-thesis options), thesis (MS) or dissertation (PhD) on a topic relevant to offshore safety.
    The complete MS program will be made available for both onsite students as well as through the distance learning option. Memoranda of Understanding will be put in place to allow students at all three partner universities to take courses from any of the three, subject to agreement with the faculty advisor and appropriateness to the degree program. With regard to the PhD program, many of the courses will be available via distance learning. The dissertation will require a certain amount of residency at the appropriate university to conduct the research.