2014 Forums

Risk Forum:

On May 12-13, 2014, a two-day forum was organized in Houston, entitled: “Risk Awareness, Risk Perception and Using the Awareness and Perception in Making Operational Decisions on a Continuing basis in oil and gas operations.” The objective of this forum was to promote the dialogue and shared learning among academia, government, industry, and other non-governmental organizations on topics like risk informed decision making, quantitative risk assessment (QRA) methodology, case histories of decision making, risk informed decision making on design phase vs. day-to-day basis, failure rate and other data needs, and how risk assessment can best be used in performance based regulations to improve safety culture on the OCS.

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Data forum:

On August 12-13, 2014, a two-day forum will be held in Houston, entitled: “Eliminating Barriers to Data Sharing, and Solutions”. Similar to the risk forum, the objective of this forum is to promote industry wide idea exchange opportunities. The dialogue and shared learning among academia, government, industry, and other non-governmental organizations on topics like data gaps, responsibility for data collection and analysis, voluntary vs. regulatory approach, breaking down barriers to data exchange, and incentives from BSEE and other organizations; representing additional managerial tools to improve the safety culture on the OCS.

Here is the latest information, updates provided as available:
What: Eliminating Barriers to Data Sharing, and Solutions
When: August 12-13, 2014
Where: Science and Engineering Classroom Building, University of Houston, Houston, TX
Who: All who are interested in “enabling safe and environmentally responsible offshore energy operations”
Sessions focusing on:

  • Existing equipment reliability data (Improving Data)
  • Barriers to collect and share more data (Closing the gaps)
  • Gaps in Equipment Reliability Data and Near Miss (Eliminating Barriers to Disseminate Data)

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Research Roadmap:

The Ocean Energy Safety Institute will convene top academic and research experts from various companies, universities and organizations throughout the world for an unprecedented think-tank workshop to address the development of an, “Ocean Energy Safety Research Roadmap for the 21st Century.” Areas to be discussed will include Emerging Technologies, Risk Management and Safety Management Systems, and Operating in the Arctic Environment. Attendees will collaborate to determine the specific areas of future research needs, devise a research agenda, and discuss possible funding opportunities. The workshop will be held October 7-8, 2014 and consist of the following segments:

  • General session: Presentation of current research activities by selected invitees.
  • Breakout groups to focus on specific areas of future research needs.
  • General Session:
    • Report back from the breakout groups
    • Research agenda
    • Funding possibilities
    • Need for collaboration
  • Registration will include continental breakfast, lunch and refreshments throughout both days.

Currently we expect to have discussion-inspiring presentations from:

  • The Center for Offshore Safety
  • The Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America
  • The National Academy of Science
  • University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
  • Lloyds Register, Energy
  • Gulf Integrated Spill Research Consortium
  • University of Texas
  • University of Houston
  • Texas A&M University
  • …and others

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