Continuing education

The OESI will develop a continuing education program to reach out to a wide range of professionals and will establish programs that will provide professionals in the field with the knowledge and credentials they need in their prospective areas. An innovative, non-traditional continuing education curriculum will be created using podcasts, webinars, live chat, and video/teleconferences for the working professionals who have limited time for traditional classroom settings. Interaction among the students and with the faculty members will be encouraged by conducting short-term team projects and by having regular site-visits.
Continuing education and upgrading regulators’ strategic capabilities are equally important. This includes working with various federal agencies, including BSEE and BOEM, to evaluate their needs and address those needs through continuing education, training, and academic programs. Collaboration with the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) would be highly desirable, especially through internships and academic programs for appropriate officers from the USCG.
The OESI will develop specific and structured intern programs for personnel from federal agencies such as the USCG, the BSEE, and the BOEM.